Digital Playground: You’ve got to make media!

Young people are constantly surrounded by media: street advertisements, internet videos, msn on their mobile phones and free newspapers in public transport. Digital Playground is convinced that to deal critically with media, you need to experience how expressions of the media are made. Since 1998, Digital Playground has been making teenagers media savvy, using practical teaching aids.

At Digital Playground, young people get cracking themselves! Digital Playground stimulates young people to be conscious and creative in using media. They make a film, animated film or photo collage in one morning or afternoon. In collaboration with various art institutes, Digital Playground always provides appealing, cultural content for the workshops. The workshops are a very suitable activity for Arts  subjects, but also apply to other school subjects like Dutch and Social Studies. Digital Playground offers programmes appropriate to each secondary school year and educational level.

A workshop starts with a short introduction, after which pairs of pupils shoot video images. During the second part of the workshops, pupils work in couples behind the computer, first practicing the DPtutorial. This software has been specially developed by Digital Playground as an programme aid, teaching youngsters the basic principles of the film and photo-editing programme. The pupils edit their own film or photo collage completely independently, and at their own speed. The workshop leaders are around to assist them should they need help.

The results are shown on a big screen at the end of the workshop. All the projects are published on the Digital Playground website immediately after the workshop.

The Webwalk is Digital Playground’s new online tool, and forms part of the total programme. A Webwalk takes pupils on a trip round the internet. As they surf the web, pupils pass by all sorts of remarkable things related to media and how it is used. Text, image, sound and video on various websites provide the pupils with information about specific subjects connected to the workshop.

Each workshop has a Webwalk for preparation and a Webwalk for reflection. Through the built-in pupil following system, the teacher can track the progress of the pupils and evaluate results. After booking a workshop, use of the Webwalks is free.

Educational principals
Digital Playground teaching aids are always practical in nature, so that young people can work with them easily. The Digital Playground programme is based on the following educational principles:

Peer education. Young people learn from young people. The pupils cooperate in the workshops, so that they learn from each other. The Digital Playground workshop leaders are young designers, filmmakers and photographers.

Learning by doing. A problem is solved while working on it. By experimenting, young people develop their creativity; they gain knowledge and skills as they play.

Connecting to young people’s experience. The subjects in the program interest young people. The workshop is located in a non-scholastic environment.

If you want to know more about Digital Playground, please contact Henry Vorselman. 
+31 (0)10-412 60 31 or henry@digitalplayground.nl.